Granite City Comic Con Halloween 2017

Granite City Comic Con are proud to present an evening of fantastic entertainment interspersed with a friendly costume contest and all around good times!

A halloween themed photowall with accompanying props will also be on site for you to capture your perfect halloween photograph.

This event is strictly for 18+
£5 on the door.

Casper heyzeus – “Like a bad smell from the 80’s! Casper heyzeus is an unwelcome stain in the music world.” It’s hard to describe Casper heyzeus, but in his own words he performs – “Novelty, Comedy, Rock, Metal, Punk, Disco, Dance [and] Weird …”

Deadfire – “Deadfire are an award winning and hard drinking 4 piece power ensemble hailing from Aberdeen in the North East of Scotland, where a burgeoning and eclectic music scene keeps them flying the flag at the forefront of live rock music. Formed in 2011 Deadfire incorporate a well oiled mix of old school rock and contemporary riffs topped off by unmistakable vocals.”

Nymph O’Maniac – “Burlesque dancer of the nerd variety, Ukulele cabaret artist, Lustette, Sith, song writer, painter, poet, general all round weirdo for hire.” Nymph O’Maniac is bringing nerdlesque with a very, very creepy theme…



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