An Evening with the Ray Harryhausen Foundation!

Granite City Comic Con are extremely proud to present as part of the #harryhausen100 celebrations. The first EVER large screen showing of the colourised and remastered “20 Million Miles From Earth”, an evening of Q&As and gallery exhibitions from the life and times of the stop motion genius Ray Harryhausen. An Evening with the Ray Harryhausen Foundation! (Facebook Link)


TeamGCCC will welcome The Ray and Diana Harryhausen Foundation​ to Aberdeen’s Queens Links Cineworld on the 29th of June. Which will celebrate both Ray’s birthday AND the 60th anniversary of 20 Million Miles to Earth!

The night will include a screening of the documentary ‘Movement into Life’ and a showing of Ray’s own remastered and colourised version of the film “20 Million Miles From Earth”.
There will then be question and answer sessions with the collections manager of the foundation and a short drinks reception where you can view archives from his career and a once only opportunity to see Ray’s own maquette of “Ymir” himself in Aberdeen.

Tickets on sale now, starting at £15. – Here! –

The Foundation is responsible for protecting Ray’s name and body of work as well as archiving, preserving and restoring his extensive collection. They aim to promote Ray’s legacy alongside displaying his work publicly, and educating future generations about the art of stop-motion.

Movement into Life


Oscar-winning animator Ray Harryhausen gives an exclusive insight into cinema’s most famous monster creations and special effects secrets with the actual models used in such classics as Clash of the Titans. Narrated by Tom Baker.

20 Million Miles to Earth


A manned space flight from Venus crash lands in the Mediterranean, losing its most precious cargo: reptilian eggs from the planet’s surface. They come into the possession of an Italian zoologist (Frank Puglia), who watches as one hatches to reveal a rapidly-growing monster. His American granddaughter, Marisa (Joan Taylor), and returned astronaut Calder (William Hopper) must battle with the American and Italian military to corral the creature before it destroys everything in its path.


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