Guest Announcement: WYSHcreative

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Mike Lawson, also known as ‘WYSHcreative’, is coming to GCCC 2019! Mike is a digital artist and custom prop & costume fabricator. Mike has been creating his own costumes for the last 15 years, but he’s found the cosplay explosion in recent times has energised his creativity. He now works in film and television where he designs and builds custom characters, fabricated props, helmets, masks and armour. With around 15 full personal costumes and countless commissions to his name, he has a real eye for detail and the handcrafted. Be it huge fully fabricated armour, or that movie accurate prop piece, he’s tackled it all. A true child of the 80s he loves the ‘nostalgia factor’ and creates things from Comics, Video Games and Movies.

Mike plans to deliver a workshop on ‘Simple Foamsmithing Techniques in which he’ll build a small hand prop live on stage so you can learn how to layer, cut, shape and detail foam and use these techniques in your own cosplay and prop creations.

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