Cosplay Rules & Information

Always respect your fellow cosplayers, Cosplay is fun – let’s keep it that way! 

Granite City Comic-Con will be implementing a zero tolerance approach to bullying and/or harassment, if you feel that you have been or have witnessed any harassment or bullying during the event you must contact a GCCC or Venue member of staff.    GCCC will endeavour to take all necessary actions to avoid any situation from escalating. This can include expulsion from the event and any future GCCC events without refund. 

The team at Granite City Comic-Con aim to create a family friendly and fun environment for all cosplay entrants and everyone else who attends the event.  In conjunction with this policy the following series of rules have been established and must be adhered to in conjunction with our ‘Cosplay Weapons Rules’ document.
Size and Shape

The maximum dimension (height, width, or depth) of a costume is 2.5 metres. This excludes fabric trains and any parts that collapse to a smaller size, such as wings or props that fold down to within the size limits.

If a costume is bulky, made of hard materials, or includes parts outside of usual human dimensions, you should have at least one person with you to assist with warning people nearby and guiding you to avoid accidental collisions. You must ensure edges are rounded off and padded, and no dangerous parts attached e.g. nails or blades.  Examples of these include full fursuits, armour, wings, and helmets with limited visibility.

Props and Weaponry

Items that people normally carry in public such as umbrellas & walking sticks, as well as light or small items such as vegetables, small pans, rolling pins, & racquets are allowed. 

Heavy items, bats and paddles such as metal or wooden baseball bats and cricket bats are forbidden. A lightweight plastic or foam equivalent is fine; these can be modified for an accurate appearance.

For a full description of all weaponry based rules attendees must read the Granite City Comic-Con ‘Cosplay Weapons Rules’

Accessibility In and Around Venue and Site Rules

All care must be taken when entering and exiting the Convention and moving between the floors.  Vehicles could be dropping off attendees at the front of the venue so please take care and be vigilant when outside of the convention, GCCC will not be held responsible for injuries or damage caused.  Remember, if you are in a bulky or reduced mobility costume, please use the lift that can be found at the Main reception of the venue.

GCCC may need to take action at the request of the venue or to manage any disturbance caused by attire and costumes contrary to good taste. While not banned, please note this with regards to attire or costumes with the following: profanities or sexual acts; inciting of hate or crime; and uniforms, emblems, or flags of organisations responsible for crimes against humanity.


Nudity is not permitted, nor are costumes with prosthetic genitalia or fetish attire.

Revealing costumes are permitted. Concessions to accuracy are recommended and will be taken into consideration if costume or attire are revealing to the point where it provides negligible coverage. An amount of coverage comparable to typical swimwear is fine.

If you have concerns over your costume or are planning a skimpy or delicate costume it is recommended that you take extra precautions beneath the costume to avoid exposing yourself. Please contact if you have any queries or are unsure about anything at all.


By taking part in either the Cosplay Competition or Cosplay Masquerade, you are agreeing that GCCC may use an image of you for social media, advertising and promotional purposes.

When it comes to taking photos of fellow cosplayers, we ask that you be courteous to other attendees. ALWAYS ASK PERMISSION.  Do not stop for pictures in smaller, more crowded hallways. Please locate a less crowded area, or to the designated picture taking areas. Try not to block doors, ramps, exits, corridors, and aisles while taking pictures.

Legal Stuff

Granite City Comic-Con or our venue will not be held legally responsible or liable for any misconduct, damages, injuries or death resulting from the actions of any Granite City Comic-Con attendee. Any inappropriate behaviour or misconduct by any attendee will not be tolerated by Granite City Comic-Con or local authorities. Please use your best judgment and discretion by refraining from swinging weapons around, as there is always the possibility of injuring other convention attendees.