GCCC 2019 Cosplay Masquerade and Competition – Sign up here!

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In 2019, GCCC will be hosting a lighthearted cosplay masquerade and competition. This is an opportunity for cosplayers to showcase their costume and performance skills on stage. Solo or group entries (maximum five people to a group) can apply to enter the Padawan (under 12), Walk-on or Performance categories. Our team of experienced cosplay judges will be available to award the following prizes:

  • Best in show
  • Best performance
  • Best armour
  • Best tailor (Sewing skills)
  • Best prop
  • Best padawan (youth)

To enter please read the following carefully and apply on the form below.

Spaces are limited and will be awarded on a first come first serve basis. There will be some walk-on and Padawan spaces available on the day, also on a first come first serve basis. Due to the time required to prepare the music for performance entries, these will only be available through pre-registration. Cosplay registrations will close on the 12th August and entrants will be notified by the 16th August.

General Rules

  • The use of pyrotechnics or projectiles on stage is forbidden, as is any other effects that may leave a mess on stage (such as glitter, confetti or liquid).
  • Please remember that GCCC is a family show, so all walk-ons and performances must be family friendly.
  • If your require any assistance to get on or off stage or if your cosplay could limit your visibility or mobility, please note this on your application form. This is so that we can prepare the correct assistance for you on the day. If you have any questions regarding accessibility please contact cosplay@grantiecitycomiccon.co.uk
  • Once your application is accepted it is highly recommended that your submit reference artwork of your cosplay to cosplay@grantiecitycomiccon.co.uk. If entering on the day please bring a printed reference image with you.


Padawan (under 12) rules

  • This is an opportunity for our young con-goers to strut their stuff on stage. It is not necessary for their costume to have been handmade by the entrant. The youth category will be presented and awarded on stage first to allow any young children to head home early if required. Please note that the masquerade will start at 5:30pm. 


Walk-on Rules

  • All costumes and props must be handmade. It is expected that 75% of your costume should have been constructed by yourself. Some shop bought items are acceptable (and expected!) such as shoes, wigs and undergarments. Some construction help from family and friends is also acceptable. 
  • Walk-on entries will be judged on Accuracy, Construction and Performance (stage presence). 
  • Walk-on entries are eligible for all the prize categories except for best performance and best youth.
  • Stage time will be limited to 30 seconds 
  • Unfortunately due to time limitations (GCCC 2019 is a one day event!) it will not be possible to host formal prejudging with our cosplay judges. If there is a particular costume detail you wish to pick out, please include it within the costume details section of the application form. 
  • It will not be possible to submit your own music files for a walk-on entry. If this is vital to your cosplay, consider entering the performance category.


Performance Rules

  • It is not a requirement to have handmade your costume for this category as the focus will be on performance. However if your costume/prop is handmade you will also be eligible for the other prize categories. Please note that your costume/prop is handmade in the costume details section.
  • Performances will be judged on: stage presence, entertainment value and audio quality.
  • Stage time is limited to 1.5 minutes for solo entrants and 2.5 minutes for group entries.
  • If required you may submit your own music file. The music file should not extend longer that time limit stated above. 
  • We cannot guarantee the use of a microphone on stage, so it is recommended that you pre-record any speech and merge this with your music file.
  • Once your application has been accepted, music files should be submitted to cosplay@granitecitycomiccon.co.uk and must be of an MP3 format.




Any further questions please do not hesitate to contact our cosplay team at cosplay@granitecitycomiccon.co.uk