Granite City Comic-Con 2018


(Original art by Scott Beveridge)

Granite City Comic-Con 2018 will be held on 26th – 27th May 2018, at THE RICHARD DONALD STAND, PITTODRIE STADIUM. A city centre venue that will boast three floors of attractions, guests, cosplay, vendors, gaming, workshops, panels and much more. All this geeky goodness is fully accessible under one roof which is fully catered with access to 600 nearby car-parking spaces. (Google Maps Link – HERE)

Full GCCC 2018 Guest & Attraction List


GP18 - Paul McGannPaul McGann: (LINK)

Paul has enjoyed a long and diverse career, but we’re most excited to have the eighth Doctor joining us. Beyond Doctor Who, Paul has also starred in Alien 3, Withnail & I, Luther and The Three Musketeers; and his voice is unmistakable as a result of narrating numerous TV documentaries.

GP18 - Hattie HayridgeHattie Hayridge: (LINK)

We’re delighted that Hattie is joining us in May to meet her Scottish fans at Granite City Comic-Con. Hattie played Red Dwarf’s obtuse computer “Holly” for nineteen episodes, as well as starring in Johnathan Creek, Guardians and LEXX.

GP18 - Colin SpaullColin Spaull: (LINK)

Colin has enjoyed a lengthy career as primarily a Television actor, probably best known for his roles in DOCTOR WHO, he has also appeared in Inspector Morse, The Bill and The Inbetweeners. Colin is one of few actors to have taken roles in both classic and modern Doctor Who.

GP18 - Bill HargreavesBill Hargreaves: (LINK)

Bill’s first job in the industry was making props for Alien, which led him onto The Empire Strikes Back, on which he held the position of supervising prop maker. One of his most iconic creations was the droid IG-88 for Return of the Jedi. Other credits include An American Werewolf in London and The Golden Compass.

GP18 - Mark DexterMark Dexter: (LINK)

Mark Dexter has been in almost every British TV show you can think of – from The Bill to Coronation Street to Casualty and Doctors. His sci-fi appearances include Doctor Who and Red Dwarf, and his film career includes From Hell and Transformers: The Last Knight. Truly something for everyone.

GP18 - Sandeep MohanSandeep Mohan: (LINK)

Ever wondered what it’s REALLY like to be a Stormtrooper? Sandeep was a First Order Trooper in The Force Awakens, a Scarif Trooper in Rogue One and returning to the First Order in The Last Jedi. He has also appeared in Bond movies, Prince of Persia, World War Z, Edge of Tomorrow and Guardians of the Galaxy.

GP18 - Nick BrokenshireNick Brokenshire: (LINK)

Nick’s work as an artist includes the critically acclaimed Amelia Coleseries for IDW Publishing, and Once and Future Queen. Nick has also worked for 2000AD and drawn covers for IDW’s Judge Dredd line and has also recently been announced on the new Star Wars Adventures series.

GP18 - Ian KennedyIan Kennedy: (LINK)

British comics legend Ian Kennedy has enjoyed a long and varied career in comics, working on all the UK classic – 2000AD, Battle, Starlord, Hotspur and Commando.


GP18 - Iain LowsonIain Lowson: (LINK)

Twenty years ago, Iain quit a job selling sci-fi toys to start writing about them for SFX. Twenty and more years later, Iain has written an insane amount of Star Wars content for various platforms, this includes working a Grange Hill joke into the official canon.

GP18 - Monty NeroMonty Nero: (LINK)

Monty has written games, comics, screenplays, radio plays, and novels – including The Hulk and the X-men for Marvel, as well as his critically acclaimed independent titles Death Sentence and Hollow Monsters.


GP18 - WYSHcreative - CleanWYSHCreative: (LINK)

Mike Lawson, also known as ‘WYSHcreative’, is a digital artist and custom prop & costume fabricator. Recently he has transformed his hobby into a full time job and now freelances on various projects, from set building and special effects for movies to creating creatures and characters for TV.


GP18 - Des O'GomanDes O’Gorman: (LINK)

Des is a super experienced compere and host for a variety of events around the UK, and an experienced cosplayer in his own right. We’re looking forward to seeing him interview our splendid guests! Des will be hosting panels across the weekend

GP18 - ASMODEEAsmodee: (LINK)

Asmodee UK (formerly Esdevium Games) will be here to demonstrate some amazing board games! Some of their recent new releases include The Dark Crystal board game, and they are long time suppliers of the Pokemon trading card game along with Magic: The Gathering.

GP18 - Books and BeansBooks and Beans: (LINK)

Aberdeen’s very own BOOK & BEANS will be returning as a featured vendor at Granite City Comic Con 2018 – offering their own wide range of coffees, sandwiches, and snacks; and of course their bespoke book store offering everything from graphic novels to non-fiction.

GP18 - Engage GamingEngage Gaming: (LINK)

Engage Gaming is a computer gaming entertainment venue on North Silver Street, Aberdeen. The venue has all the latest computer technology allowing computer gaming events and eSports competitions, and Engage has very much become the city’s video gaming hub.

GP18 - Games Workshop - CleanGames Workshop: (LINK)

Games Workshop will be joining us to demonstrate a wide range of their games and models.
Expert painters will be on hand to pass on their modelling & painting skills in short, easy to pick up sessions.


Join GCDnD exploring ancient ruins, killing deadly monsters and seeking treasures through the amazing RPG world of Dungeons and Dragons! Play taster games, learn to create characters and how to run your own games and even create your own worlds!

GP18 - The Iron ThroneThe Iron Throne

Do you want to rule the Seven Kingdoms? Come along to GCCC 2018 and have your photo taken on this fantastic replica of the Iron Throne and you’ll feel like a Lannister, Greyjoy or Baratheon…. (Who are we kidding?? It has to be Stark or Targaryen!)

GP18 - Isle of Wight Prop CrewThe Isle of Wight Prop Crew: (LINK)

This year’s event will play host to the costumes, props and display pieces of the Isle of Wight Prop Crew – including droids, troopers, and a full size replica of Luke’s Land-speeder! All of which have been loveingly hand crafted in house. This show stopper is not to be missed…

GP18 - The Locked DoorThe Locked Door: (LINK)

The Locked Door Escape Games Aberdeen will be showcasing it’s brand new mini game at the convention. They offer challenging and bespoke puzzle adventures in Aberdeen – your team enter a themed room and have to solve a variety of puzzles before time runs out.

GP18 - Mustang Hire SouthWestMustang Hire Southwest: (LINK)

Rolling out to give visitors the chance to pose with a Ford Mustang police car – just like Barricade. In addition to Barricade’s interactive voices, working roof-lights and siren, fans will also get the chance to pose with Transformers themed props including an 8ft tall cosplay of Barricade in his fearsome robot form.

GP18 - North East Stage Combat - CleanNorth East Stage Combat: (LINK)

North East Stage Combat will be offering the chance to see, feel and try real swords and other weapons. Fight displays and workshops will take place over the weekend – offering con-goers the chance to learn sword play or fight like a Jedi (or Sith)

GP18 - SnS Film Collection Museum - CleanS&S Film Collection Museum: (LINK)

S&S Film Collection Museum will be showing screen used props and costumes from Movies such as Maleficent, The Mummy, Pirates of the Caribbean, Beauty and the Beast and Edge of Tomorrow. If you were looking for accurate reference material, look no further!

GP18 - Wrestlezone - CleanWrestleZone: (LINK)

WrestleZone Scotland is making a triumphant return! Stars such as “Red-Haired Warrior” Scotty Swift, Bryan Tucker, Blue thunder and many more, will be bringing the high-octane, body-slamming action that is now a staple in the North-east.

Venue Guide

Please see below for the floor plans of Granite City Comic-Con 2018 (Clicking on the images will bring up a larger version)

Floor Plan Key

Name / Description Exhibitor Type Table / Area
Rachel-Jane Findlay Exhibitor 1
Dillion and Richmond Small Press 2
Kingdom Comics Exhibitor 3
Forbidden Planet Exhibitor 4 & 5
Never in Moderation Exhibitor 6
Baguette Noir Small Press 7
Monty Nero Guest 8 (SAT ONLY)
Chewin’ the Art Exhibitor 9
Accent UK Small Press 10 & 11
Bunny’s Beads Exhibitor 12
Masked Man Comics Exhibitor 13
ChANGELing Exhibitor 14
New Age Comics Small Press 15
GeeK illustration Exhibitor 16 & 17
Keep The Heid Exhibitor 18
Nick Brokenshire Guest 19
Frankenstein PhD Small Press 20
City of Lost Souls Small Press 21
NeilinCo Geek Creations Exhibitor 22
Luke Brady Exhibitor 23
Savage Bakery Exhibitor 24
Plan 9 Exhibitor 25 & 26
Oscar Cat Creations Exhibitor/td>

Dragonfly Creative Arts Exhibitor 28
Rose-Tea & Rabbit Jewellery Exhibitor 29
Asylum Books and Games Exhibitor 30 & 31
Iain Lowson Guest 32
Korekuta Exhibitor 33 & 34
Andrew Sage Art & Entertainment Ltd Small Press 35
Sui Generis Design Exhibitor 36
Rob Draws Pictures for Money Exhibitor 37
Dragon’s Weyr Exhibitor 38
Orion’s Belt Exhibitor 39
Seratique Exhibitor 40
Project Alice SFX Exhibitor 41
Cineworld Exhibitor 42 & 43
Superhero Gear Exhibitor 44 & 45
Poly-Props Ltd Attraction 46
WYSHcreative Guest 47
Alasdair Watson Photography Attraction Concourse
Books and Beans Exhibitor Concourse
North East Stage Combat Attraction Concourse
Isle of Wight Prop Crew Attraction Concourse
S&S Film Collection Museum Attraction Concourse
The Iron Throne Attraction Concourse
Mustang Hire Southwest Attraction Concourse
WrestleZone Attraction Concourse
Asmodee Attraction Top Floor
Engage Gaming Attraction Top Floor
Games Workshop Attraction Top Floor
GCDnD Attraction Top Floor
The Locked Door Attraction Top Floor
Photo Zone Attraction Top Floor
Paul McGann Guest T1
Hattie Hayridge Guest T2
Colin Spaull Guest T3
Bill Hargreaves Guest T4
Sandeep Mohan Guest T5
Mark Dexter Guest T6 (SAT ONLY)
Ian Kennedy Guest T7
Dundee University Guest T8