GCCC2017 – Attraction Announcement

TeamGCCC are head over heels to bring you another attraction for Granite City Comic Con 2017Wrestlezone!


WrestleZone Scotland is the East coast’s premier wrestling promotion. Based in Aberdeen, Scotland, they host family-friendly wrestling events across Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire, Moray and Angus bringing together some of the best wrestlers in Scotland. Stars such as “Red-Haired Warrior” Scotty Swift, Bryan Tucker, Blue thunder and many more can’t wait to be part of next year’s event, bringing the high-octane, body-slamming action that is now a staple in the North-east.

Photos courtesy: Brian Battensby

More information can be found at www.wrestlezonescotland.co.uk


GCCC 2017 – Double Guest Announcement

Good evening, TeamGCCC are proud to bring you another two guest announcements for Granite City Comic Con 2017, in the form of comic artists GLENN FABRY and RYAN BROWN.


Glenn Fabry: (http://www.glennfabrystudios.com)
Glenn has enjoyed a prolific 30 year career in comics, and is an Eisner Award winner many times over. Probably best known for his work as a cover artist, Glen provided the iconic covers for critically acclaimed books Preacher and Hellblazer (both recently adapted for TV); as well as covers for DC, Vertigo and 2000AD.


Ryan Brown: (http://ryanbrown-art.com/)
Ryan is a stunningly talented digital painter, providing covers for 2000AD, Image, Dark Horse and IDW. Ryan has been involved with projects as diverse as Mars Attacks, Judge Dredd, Creepy Comics, Ninja Turtles, V-Wars and Jacked. He has worked on comic books, board games, video games, concept art and album covers.

Glen and Ryan both join us on 20-21st May 2017.

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– Glenn Fabry image courtesy of Steve Rideout – http://www.rideoutphoto.co.uk/

GCCC 2017 – Attraction Announcement

TeamGCCC are delighted to announce that we’ll be hosting Celebrity Car Hire at Granite City Comic Con 2017.
Coming to the venue we will have the mighty GMC van from The A-Team, Starsky & Hutch‘s Gran Torino and the wonderful KITT from Knight Rider. The team from Celebrity Car Hire will be on hand to show you around the vehicles and answer all those questions you had about your favourite cars from TV.

GCCC 2017 – Guest Announcement

Team GCCC is chuffed to announce the return of Judge Dredd creator for GCCC20017.


As well creating Dredd, John brought Strontium Dog and Al’s Baby to the pages of 2000AD for many years, John also worked on various Batman comics with long-standing writing partner and GCCC 2015 guest Alan Grant, as well as a number of licensed titles such as Doctor Who and Star Wars for Dark Horse. In 1997 John wrote A History of Violence, which was later adapted by David Cronenburg for screen.

John’s most recent comic – Rok of the Reds, a new collaboration with Alan Grant published by BHP Comics – has been described as ‘…a joyful blending of sport and Sci-fi…’ John will be signing both days at GCCC2017

GCCC2017 – First Attraction Announcement

Following on from our first guest announcement earlier in the week, we’re eager to tell you what else we have in stock for 2017.

TeamGCCC are delighted to announce that we’ll be hosting the Retro Computer Museum at Granite City Comic Con 2017.

guest-portrait-retro-computer-museum The Retro Computer Museum is a registered charity dedicated to the benefit of the public for the preservation, display and public experience of computer and console systems from the 1960’s onwards.

Their main focus is on systems that were in use in the home and schools rather than big computer systems and mainframes of early computer development. They have systems ranging from the early Pong consoles through to the Sega and Nintendo console wars and the home computers of the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64s and Amigas.

We’ll be hosting 20 separate machines over the weekend for everyone to relive fond childhood memories and experience gaming from a different era.

For more information please visit the Retro Computer Museum’s website – http://www.retrocomputermuseum.co.uk/

GCCC2017 – First Guests Announcement

Good evening one and all. TeamGCCC are delighted to announce our first two guests for Granite City Comic Con 2017.


Steve Blum: (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0089710/)
To say that Steve has had a prolific career in animation, anime and video games would be a massive understatement. With roles in Cowboy Bebop, Naruto, Star Wars Rebels, The Legend of Korra, Wolverine and the X-Men, Transformers: Prime, Ultimate Spider-Man, Ben 10, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Boxtrolls, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ghost in the Shell, Call of Duty and Metal Gear Solid…


Mary McGlynn: (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0569479/)
Mary also boasts an equally as impressive career as a voice over actress, writer, singer and director. Her credits include Steven Universe, Cowboy Bebop, Sailor Moon Crystal, Ghost in the Shell, Bleach, Hitman, Tekken 7, Star Wars Rebels, Resident Evil, Saints Row, The Last of Us, Naruto, Heroes of The Storm and Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes…

We could list everything these two outstanding people have lent their talents to, but we’d be here all day.

Stay tuned to our website and Facebook for ticket info – coming soon!

(Please note any guest may cancel at any time due to a personal or professional conflict.)

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GCCC News & Update

dsc_7859We’ve just about recovered from last weeks Halloween event, it was great fun to have a party with you all. We really hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! The photos area of the evening are up on Red Bairn Photography‘s Facebook page HERE

We’re also at the six week countdown until our applications for Vendors & Exhibitors closes, so make sure you’ve checked out the Vendor Information & Application page and applied with your product or service if you want to be listed as one of the attractions at Granite City Comic Con 2017. The closing date for this is the 16th December!

Granite City Comic Con Halloween 2017

Granite City Comic Con are proud to present an evening of fantastic entertainment interspersed with a friendly costume contest and all around good times!

A halloween themed photowall with accompanying props will also be on site for you to capture your perfect halloween photograph.

This event is strictly for 18+
£5 on the door.

Casper heyzeus – “Like a bad smell from the 80’s! Casper heyzeus is an unwelcome stain in the music world.” It’s hard to describe Casper heyzeus, but in his own words he performs – “Novelty, Comedy, Rock, Metal, Punk, Disco, Dance [and] Weird …”

Deadfire – “Deadfire are an award winning and hard drinking 4 piece power ensemble hailing from Aberdeen in the North East of Scotland, where a burgeoning and eclectic music scene keeps them flying the flag at the forefront of live rock music. Formed in 2011 Deadfire incorporate a well oiled mix of old school rock and contemporary riffs topped off by unmistakable vocals.”

Nymph O’Maniac – “Burlesque dancer of the nerd variety, Ukulele cabaret artist, Lustette, Sith, song writer, painter, poet, general all round weirdo for hire.” Nymph O’Maniac is bringing nerdlesque with a very, very creepy theme…


GCCC Supporting Creatives

Hi Guys, here at TeamGCCC we’ve always had the ethos of supporting creativity and rather than just do this at our events, we’ve set aside a fund he help small independent creators get their projects off the ground – so we want to hear from folks that are running a kick-starter (or similar) or planning to do so; and from anyone who thinks their project could benefit from our help. Please message us or post in our forum below with details if you think we can help.